Saturday, 23 March 2013

 "What to see? Where to go? OH I wish I could see Bearzonia as I hear there are real bears there! Maybe on another visit!" —
"I think I see it! Camelback Mountain!
"From atop the hotel, I can now see Camelback better! I think it looks like a camel laying down!" 

"Wow, I can see the airport from here!

 Arizona skies are always blue and pretty. The tall palm trees sway in the soft wind

 "Boy are these palm trees tall. I'd need to pack my lunch to climb to the top! I bet the view is wonderful from the top!" 
"Strange. People in Phoenix plant rocks instead of grass! They tell me with the desert heat grass does not grow well." —

"Amazing that the plants live in rocks! I just have to figure a way not to get stickers-thorns in my fur!"

 "I do not think these shoes will fit me! I loved the sign; how appropriate for a secondhand shoe shop

 Valerie warned me! No messing around with rattlesnakes! I think I am in BIG trouble!

 "This is a little place with big tastes. Past USA President GW Bush always ate here when he came to town. I will soon find out how tasty the food is!"

 "When in Phoenix I tasted authentic Mexican food. Chips and Salsa, Ole
"I met a real Leprechaun who was very honored to meet me! I felt the same! He was one of the owners of Tee Pee Mexican Restaurant and he dressed for tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day festivities!"

 The sun is starting to set and the mountains look very lovely in the distant." — 

 "The sun is going behind the downtown buildings, but I am not sleepy!"

"The sun is hiding behind the tall buildings! The temperature is dropping and time for me to go inside

"I found water! What a pretty fountain. I wanted to jump in but Valerie had other plans for me!"

"We walked to the Chinese Cultural Center, it is big. Can you see little me?
"I am getting a creepy feeling! But the seafood is very fresh in this grocery store!

"Valerie said I could fish here!

"Where is my fishing pole?"

 "The sign said no swimming! But I'd sure love to jump in to cool off!" — 
How did I get here? I better pop down before the lion eats me!" — 

Flowers grow everywhere, they even climb up on the wall!"

 "The Chinese roofs are all pointing up; to send evil spirits back up to the sky!
"I am so confused. I thought when I visited Phoenix I would meet American Indians and Wild Cowboys. These are cool too!"

I am having fun reading the packages on the grocery store shelves, as I am hoping my next trip will be to Indonesia." 

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