Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Road Trip

"Now that's more like it, not a lot of traffic today!"

"Coming back from Indiana, I think we are on the right road!" 

"Wait!!! Are you sure we are going the right way? Lexington, Cincinnati and St. Louis? Where's Kentucky

"Oh the Welcome to Kentucky sign, guess all is good!"

"Big barges travel on the Ohio River carrying their loads all the way down to the Mississippi and even to the Gulf of Mexico! Wonder if they need an extra hand?"

"I'm told that when the grass is green, the trees in full bloom that a lot of people visit the parks along the banks of the mighty Ohio River....I think I'm in Kentucky now! It is all so confusing!"

"Cool fence...it has no nails holding the board together. It is called a Lincoln log fence....clever those pioneers!

 "This will help me think....wrong...thinking which of the delicious breads I'd like!" 

 All travelers must stop for some thing good to eat....I sat and guarded on the dessert box

"Oh my....Valerie bought a bear claw for our dessert or in the morning with our hot tea....Glad it wasn't my paw. Looks yummy!" 

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