Sunday, 24 March 2013

"Gotta have a good breakfast before the teddy bear show!

My, My, I have never seen green and gold nails with shamrocks on them; Valerie is ready to celebrate!"

 "I'm helping with the decorations! Every artist received a shamrock necklace, but I already had my tie on, so I did not get one. Where's my hat?

 "Mr Anthony took very good care of us during the show! He's a strong man and he moved the tables, kept the coffee filled and serving our lunches!
"I'm watching the artists set up their display tables. So many bears and cute critters!"

"Everyone wore a little green and was in a very festive mood before the doors opened for the collectors!
Marti and Diane, teddy bear collectors, were fascinated with little Bucket during the show. "He's quite a flirt and has a lot of Blarney in him!" 

 "Humphrey, Bean and I are dressed in our lucky green attire...ready for a magical day!

 "Bentley, Humphrey, Bean and I have all traveled. We chatted about the places we have seen and dreamed of journeys to come. Wish I could wear fancy badges too, they just do not make them in my size!" 

"it's St Patty's Day, my dear Celeste, we shall share a pint of bubbly brew? After all we had a big day at the show!"

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