Wednesday, 20 March 2013

"What a cool place to hang out. The weather was warm and sunny and no snow in sight!

"Abbey, the DoubleTree's Sales Manager who is also a bear collector, wanted to keep me on her shoulder all day!" 

"A little refreshment by the pool

"A better refreshment made by Cyndi...Mojito with cucumber and basil - hic!

"Now that I'm up on this prickly cactus, how do I get down

"Similar plants make Tequila...if I sit her long enough will I get a bottle

 "I'd love to slide down the leaves but they have spines!"

This cactus was unusual and fun to climb!
"Not a good idea sitting here....ouch, ouch, OUCH!"

"Sniffffff, the smell of the fragrant citrus trees floated in the air, and I took really deep breaths but did not inhale any of the bees!"

"I discovered the pool. No swan dive from up here!

"Water is refreshing and I forgot to bring my bathing suit. I'll sit and watch others have fun....sigh"

Time to eat again! What fun to eat by the pool and enjoy the warm breeze!

"Riding the escalators up and down at the Louisville Airport is a lot of fun!

"A little Starbucks and fruit yogurt cup before we take off!"

"I felt like staying and playing with all my new friends, but then I heard our flight being announced and off I ran to the gate!"

"The name says it all.... wild and delicious!"

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