Saturday, 9 March 2013

"Here I go again! So many food choices!"
"What? You ate the whole ice cream dessert and did not leave me a spoonful?" 

"Wait, wait...what do you mean I have to help pump the Petro? Valerie insisted it was a guys 'honor' to fill the car.....boy, I thought I had it made watching a girl do the job! Well, it was fun for a little while!!!

"Oh the bridge to Indiana! I'm frightened, these blokes drive on the wrong side of the road!

"Clarksville is a very old town in southern Indiana"

"I could hear the rolling waters coming quickly over the dam. Barges and boats use the locks to go further down stream." 

"Statue of the Indian meeting the pioneer, way back when!" —

The Falls of the Ohio Museum

"Wow, the river was this high! How high? Over the top of where I was standing by the fossil sign!

"The rolling river is at normal stage right now. Sometimes the spring rains and winter melting snow raises it to way over my head!

"It was a long walk down to see the fossil beds up close. You can even find Indian arrowheads from time to time, so I am told." 
Do not call me an old fossil, I'l just taking a rest on one!

"Anybody have a quarter? I want to peek into downtown office buildings!" 
"Valerie and I looking across the river to Downtown Louisville. She says it is much prettier in the summer when all the grass and trees are green. I like this vantage point!" 

"Awwww so pretty by night. I wanted to see fireworks but Valerie says that 'Thunder Over Louisville' isn't until later when the event attracts hundreds of thousand spectators. I can only imagine the fun and all the big booms. Oh, there is an airshow too!

"Oh Yummmm, can we stop for ice cream? Not now was the answer, as we had not had lunch yet!"

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