Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I fainted right into a pile of candy when I discovered a stash of Crunchie Bars. Heavenly candy for dessert!! Valerie tells me the USA doesn't carry these treats and she waits every year for her Kiwi friend to bring her treats. But I now know where her hiding place is!!! I am bound to gain a stone or two!"

"It is nearly spring - why the snow? I found a lovely garden chair, just my size, and a sweet smelling flower to relax by. I got in a wee bit of trouble and was scolded for sitting there! But why Valerie, when it is such a pretty place to watch the yard critters and wait for the sunshine to melt the snow!"

"Oh what a wonderful lunch we had! I found a jar of Vegemite and had a smear on buttered hot bread. I did not know that Valerie liked it...she must have a little Aussie in her blood!"

"What an Ace I am! Valerie made me this warm scarf to play outside in the snow. The weatherman promised 2-3" and Louisville only received 1". The snow was light and fluffy, so could not make a snowman! Instead I had to come in the house!!!"

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