Saturday, 23 March 2013

uh oh Buckets in love

"Now Humphrey, I know you are a cub reporter for Bears&Buds, but let me tell you of my journeys and adventures.....
Humphrey (L) to Bean (R). "Who is this guy with the accent? I think we should ask him to join us for a little fun around the pool too. I'm sure he will spot the pretty gals in those skimpy bathing suits

"Sorry guys, I want to chat with this lovely lass

"I think Humphrey and Bean are plotting to throw me into the pool!" 
"Humphrey and I are serious about keeping an eye on the bikini's - eh, I mean the pool swimmers

Oh my darling, I think I am in LOVE. What is your name?" "I am Celeste, you handsome man from Australia!" 
Let's all get a little sunshine and smell the fragrant citrus trees in bloom. The Phoenix sun is bright and warm too!" —

"I'm just her cup of tea! We guys do crazy things when the love bug bites us!
"It's tea-time and I am not so sure about the book Celeste is reading!!!

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