Sunday, 1 December 2013

Goodbye for now

With the cold weather in Kentucky (no this is not Celsius, it's below freezing) I am heading to warmer climate! Arizona here I come!
Before I leave I must take care of my feathered friends, as they need food for the cold winter too.
Ah, a little warm sun. Come here little birdies, the treats are good!
I had a long talk with Rachel Ann, as she will be staying in Kentucky and keeping the family company and entertained

Oh this is perfect....and I know they will miss me.

Even Kody-Cat is wondering what is going on as I chat with my old girlfriend Celeste and her new guy Max

Celeste and Max have become my good friends. I sure miss her being 'my gal' but Max has the money to afford her 'wants'.

Just one last big kiss! "Wishing you a wonderful time in Arizona" Celeste said

Now, now, no tears Bucket. It is time to get in the box and continue on with your next adventure!

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