Saturday, 30 November 2013

Thanksgiving with Miss Valerie

The sun is shining and I'm just resting as I heard that Thanksgiving Day had arrived.

This is my very first Thanksgiving, now what do I do?
What fun to ride the turkey....what? Not a turkey but a rooster?
I will supervise the brownie making! Nuts for me please

Ah, hot from the oven! I think I'll get started... What did you say? No brownies until I've cleaned my dinner plate?
Oh, I could just dive into this wonderful pumpkin mix, it smells sooooooooooooo good!
The little crusts are ready for the pumpkin filling!
You have a little more filling in this one than that one!

Oh! I have to wait that long for a little pie?

I'm really not sad, crying over chopping all the onions for the dressing!

Just how many potatoes must I peel?

Sweet potatoes need peeling too? I'm an expert now!
I've done a good job, they will taste good when cooked

I even made some fresh cranberry sauce. Valerie tells me that the special dish is for fancy dinners and holds the cranberry sauce. She remembers it from her childhood!
Polish the silver and set the table? Boy Thanksgiving is hard work!

I think I have set a proper I dessert? NOT!
Now for the center piece. I think I'll hide and take a rest!

Turkey is plump and golden. I can't wait for my share!
The Thanksgiving Turkey wishbone is dried and saved for Christmas, when two people can make their wish! I know what my wish will be!

The dishes are clean now. Thank goodness for a dishwasher! I'm running out of energy.

Take out the Trash!!! When do I get a break?

And now, for a little nap with Kody-Cat.

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