Monday, 11 November 2013


they say Halloween is a lot of fun. The costumes, the spooky spiders, full moon and candy! Candy! Candy!

First I need some advice....will these little monsters tell me about trick or treating?

Maybe the funny witches and frankie will tell me! 

This witch told me she had sweet apples and no candy? Should I believe her?

Funny guys, they were bug-eyed over me. Personally I think they should eat a little more 

Spooky spiders with red glowing eyes, they probably know the finer ways to go trick or treating

What? The night of fun going from house to house was cancelled due to a huge will I ever know what is it all about? 

This happy fellow said I should not worry, he had a good stash of candy.....from last year!
It this what it is all about? Putting a big smile on a pumpkins face and saying Trick or Treat

I was pretty exhausted so I thought I'd sit on the old time organ and rest.

But before long his fella came along and began to play eerie music... I think he should eat more hamburgers!

Finally I found a place to rest....then someone told me to look up... EEEEkkkkk!

Finally a place to rest... Oh I am so confused? Are these Easter Eggs

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