Thursday, 21 November 2013

Big Day

I think I'll try a box of each for my breakfast!

Now this is what I call a meal - Steak!!

A little refreshment.... or have I had too many?

These old geezers mumbled some advice, but I think they are hiding from their wives here! 
This gal's got class, wonder if she has money?

Can we monkey around? What you say? That is what I've been doing with the gals? NOT

Ah, with the crisp cool weather, I would enjoy staying by the fire all day! What? It's time to go? Where is our next adventure?

I need all the energy for my adventures, can I eat a dozen eggs? 

I found these guys, they did not give me the same advice Westley does; and they aren't as warm an cuddly as Westley! 

Yummm, this is where I like to be! Right in the middle of the chips and spinach dip! —

Ut-Oh, she's getting serious... I better get some advice from friends and run, run, run! 
After a big day of antiquing, I need a little refreshment!

I do not want to get up... my feet hurt from all the walking at the Antique Mall...and it might have just been the big dinner and wine!

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