Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I'm from Perth Australia and I've heard about Thanksgiving in the USA. What is all this fuss over turkey?

Hey gobblers, tell me, why is turkey served on this special day? "Well Bucket, when the pilgrims celebrated fall in 1621 they served turkey and seafood along with vegetables from an abundant harvest. Then in 1863 President Lincoln proclaimed that the 4th Thursday in November be called Thanksgiving, a day set aside to be with family and to be thankful. Serving turkeys has remained the icon for the day, served in an elegant style, usually on a big platter surrounded by vegetables and loads of cranberry sauce."

Turkey is the meal...not me!

I must help select the table decorations. Lovely fall leaves and berries along with gourds and little pumpkins.
Now what is this? I thought pumpkins were yellow or someone pulling my leg?

To accompany a wonderful meal, I must select the right wine.

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