Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bucket goes to Blissfield

Here we are we have arrived in Blissfield

No parking structures, everyone just pulls their car in front of the store! 

Quaint and bustling little town 
Main street is like going back in time. 

ntiques - I'd love to know the story behind each traesures. Hey, look! I have one of those lamps!

Blissfield Antique Mall is one of the favorite spots. The floors of the old building squee

More quaint shops to discover

I see how it is done! I know where the old glassware is, get out the glue Mum, I'm coming home for Christmas and I will make you one! 

What are these strange flowers? They call them yard art.

Can we make some of these glass flowers for our yard Mum?

What is this? I have never seen such a strange piece of equipment! 

All that I have been eating lately I think I will weigh myself! 

If I learn to type fast enough, maybe I can help Mum write her next article and book! A-S-D-F-A-S-D-F-A-S-D-F- Wow, I'm pretty good with one paw!

WHAT? I'm not sure I want to go in this store! Oh, now I see, it is a shop filled with baby clothes! Whew, I was worried for a moment!!! 

Let me rest with a cool stein of beer - what? They are all empty? What's this world coming too?

After running around town, my fir was a bit smelly...but then I could not decide on which soap would be best; one that wouldn't fuzz up my fur

Now this is more like it.... I don't think anyone will spot me taking a nap between feed sacks! 

This bed beckons me too, wonder where the lovely gal is? 

I want to rest and this old fashioned bed seems quite comfortable

I'm so tired, my feet hurt. Maybe I can take a nap here

Jan is taking a closer look, wonder what she's finding?

I met some lovely ladies in one shoppe.

What fun, the General Store. A place I can poke around in, wonder if they have candy?

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