Thursday, 5 December 2013

Grand Canyon

On the way to the Grand Canyon, "I got my kicks on Route 66" through Flagstaff, Arizona.

It's official. I'm at the Grand
This guy greets meets millions people and I got a special welcome from the park ranger.
Smokey the Bear offered to be my guide. WooHoo!

Eddie where is the canyon? You said I'd see the Grand Canyon!

Eddie told me to turn around and wow! What a view! What a big canyon. He told me it was over a mile - straight down!

We stopped at the visitor's center so I could planning a hike. I have my map and I'm ready for a long hike."

First, I need food for energy! Wonder what the Chef has on the menu?

I'm learning about the people who once lived in the canyon. The park has found many artifacts over the years!

I was really tired and almost asked a friendly lizard for a ride.

Bears get to travel and so do gnomes. I met a couple from England who had this fellow in their backpack. We shared stories of our adventures as we travel around the world. Who knows our paths may cross again!

The next time I come to Grand Canyon I'm taking the mule trip. Hiking is hard, especially when you have short legs!

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