Thursday, 5 December 2013

More excitment in Arizona

There are a lot of things to see in the town of Jerome. Once it was an active copper mining town, turned Ghost town and now a mecca for art. 
First Humphrey took me to visit the Liberty Theatre. i met a lot of movie stars; but they would not talk to me! I put 25 cents in this movie machine just to see Betty Boop dance! Wow!!!

I wonder what happens if I plug this in?
Bring on Scarface and his gang!

Elvis was singing "Are you lonesome tonight?" and I say "no" as I'm so busy on my adventure; then I say "Yes," as I miss my Mum and Dad!
Walking around and seeing all the sights in Jerome, we worked up an appetite. Humphrey took me The Haunted Hamburger Restaurant for lunch. " Is that a ghost or is that Humphrey pretending?"

Should I hide under the bowl or make friends?
The skull painting behind Bucket was painted by a famous Arizona artist names Autumn Zahn. I'm being brave; I'm not scared!
I hope Maynard doesn't think I'm a treat!

Humphrey, I have no seat belt up here!

In the restaurant I got a free ride from a Raven

I met Bones! I think he needs to eat more of the famous hamburgers.
In Jerome, even the pumpkins turn into ghosts! Am I having a flashback to Halloween?

I've seen so many ghosts, I can give my own tours of Jerome!
If I see one more ghost I am hiding in this tshirt

I knew it, another ghost. I'm outta here!

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