Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Arriving in Arizona

I've arrived in Arizona and was met by my old friend Humphrey. I took a deep breath after being in the traveling box, then I hear him say "Let the party begin!" I'll go for that!
Our first stop is going to be an art festival in old town Cottonwood.
Today Pat dressed me in a Steampunk outfit, perfect outfit for an art festival. I'm getting a good tour of Cottonwood. Hum, there is a connection here; Mum store is called Cottonwool, and I'm in Cottonwood! Whilst here I'll help wave the USA flag for freedom!
I met Charlie, the clock maker. Charlie tried to wind me up. Yes, I have gears, but I'm not a clock!

I met Gerry, a Hopi kachina carver. I like what he carved, just my size! Gerry is from the Hopi Indian tribe. He has the biggest smile! Take a look at his art work www.kachinacarver.com.
I chatted with the local Independent newspaper reporter and photographer, I think we have a lot in common; both after the best adventure. "Smile," he said, "You could be in the newspaper. It is not every day we meet an Aussie!"

I'm going to learn a Native American dance with this lovely kachina all night long!

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