Sunday, 8 December 2013

Leaving Arizona

Before leaving Arizona, we all thought about a party, but a food fight seemed like more fun!

While Humphrey looked for a box to mail me in, I thought I should take a shower and having wet fur, maybe I could stay longer here to dry out

I know, I will hide in this cabinet! Well this move didn't prolong my stay either. I am torn between saying and having a good time and going home for Christmas

36 minutes ago 

Humphrey had a great idea. If I had wings and a GPS system, I could save on shipping costs!

It was time to be brave. Humphrey and Bean stayed with me until the packing tape appeared.
When I saw the shipping box, the packing tape, my emotions got the best of me. All my pals have been so kind to me, I will never forget my USA adventures. Never Ever!

Humphrey escorted me to the Post Office. He suggested to the postal clerk that she stamped the box: Special Handling. "Bucket will be home soon," Humphrey said.

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