Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bucket Sedona

My final Arizona adventure is in Sedona, known for it's red rock formations and a feeling of spiritual connectiveness.,_Arizona

What a great location to watch hikers on the trails.

While getting a closer look at the red rocks, I saw a coyote smiling back at me!

Mr. Cowboy, the sun is bright here, do you have any hats a tad smaller?
Sedona is famous for their Pink Jeep Tours. I taking a jeep tour as it will save my tired paws!

Climbing on Sedona's red rocks is popular. Where is my safety rope?

I followed H2O because he knows where all the best watering holes are.

When I sat on this giant crystal, I felt magic! Or was it just a sharp edge?
I'm curious--why is this McDonald's arch a turquoise color?

This is proof I saw it, but I still don't know why it's turquoise. 
Time for me to find out! Mr Google where is the answer?

I went inside to warm up and have some coffee--at least the coffee wasn't turquoise!

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