Sunday, 22 December 2013

Bucket and the Nativity

Today I thought I could be in the Nativity play, I wanted to be Joseph but the Donkey was just too big and It did not work at all.

So I thought I could be a shepherd, but I needed a sheep, I tried to make Puppet into one but it did not work

even when I tried to put pom poms on him, he still did not look like a sheep.

So I decided I should be the Angel and I think I did a good job of that.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Bucket wants snow for Christmas

I was outside for such a long time today, I was wondering when it was going to get cold and  if the snow might come for Christmas, mum said that we don't have snow in Australia at Christmas time.  

So we spent the rest of the day making our own snow to play with

We even made our own snowman, it took some time but it was good fun.

I gave him a lovely carrot nose.

then we gave him two lovely black button eye's.

We found an amazing top hat and some sticks for arms.

Mum found the scarf that Yana had made for me and it fitted him perfectly

The I called for Puppet and we played with snowballs, it was such a fun day.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Wrapping gifts

Today I helped with wrapping the presents with mum, 

I held the paper down really tight while she put on the sticky tape.

Puppet thought it was a game and jumped on the paper too.

But then he got really naughty and ran away with some of the paper, I had to chase him to get it back.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Playing with new friends

Today I taught Puppet how to play fetch, he was very quick to run and get the ball.

Then he brought it straight back to me.

After a good game of fetch, we got a visit from Button Annie, she had brought her sewing with her

Then I introduced Puppet to Spade, they got on very well and Spade gave Puppet a big cuddle.

Nearly ready for Christmas

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bucket gets his Christmas wish

I told Harry Elephanty all about my big wish, I really would like a puppy all my own.

I heard Mum calling, she said "Hey Bucket come see what is under your tree, I think I saw it moving"

I ran right over and opened up the box

Oh my goodness look what was inside

I am so happy his name is Puppet, a pup for Bucket.  

We rolled around playing under the tree

Puppet is such a cute little puppy, he jumped all over me, Mum said I must tell him not to do that.

I found Puppet his own ball and teddy toy, and a nice warm basket to sleep in, what fun I will have teaching him to sit and taking him for walks.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Bucket

Today I put up my Christmas tree, I got very tangled in the lights, so decided to decorate the roof of my little house Leanne made for me.

Come on Spade you can hang more lights.

The Ben came over to help me hang on to Spade

Then we had a Christmas party at the shop, there was some amazing toblerone chocolate dip, I love marshmmellows and chocolate.

No Spade this is my pudding

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Back home in Australia

I arrived home safe and sound, it was a big surprise for everyone, especially when they unpacked the box and saw all the wonderful goodies I brought home, people were so kind and generous.  

Spade and I relaxed on our wonderful chairs that Kerry had made us and told Mum and Dad all about our adventures in England and USA.

I spent the rest of the day sorting out my bedroom, it was great to get all my things in order and then sit back,  Spade was so tired from doing all the sorting that he needed a sleep.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas with Miss Valerie

I'll be home for Christmas - and not just in my dreams!

Maybe I can hitch a ride on the reindeer and get to Western Australia quick!

I don't think this reindeer has good flying skills!

A red Cardinal said he'd fly me home!

Even the Santa's said I could ride on their sleighs, but each one is going off in a different direction!
Finally Father Christmas asked me what I am wishing for. I said "to see my Mum and Dad" soon.
Maybe the sheep have seen the bright star beaming from the heavens; will it guide my way too?
One last frolic - can I really make a snowman?

Leaving Arizona

Before leaving Arizona, we all thought about a party, but a food fight seemed like more fun!

While Humphrey looked for a box to mail me in, I thought I should take a shower and having wet fur, maybe I could stay longer here to dry out

I know, I will hide in this cabinet! Well this move didn't prolong my stay either. I am torn between saying and having a good time and going home for Christmas

36 minutes ago 

Humphrey had a great idea. If I had wings and a GPS system, I could save on shipping costs!

It was time to be brave. Humphrey and Bean stayed with me until the packing tape appeared.
When I saw the shipping box, the packing tape, my emotions got the best of me. All my pals have been so kind to me, I will never forget my USA adventures. Never Ever!

Humphrey escorted me to the Post Office. He suggested to the postal clerk that she stamped the box: Special Handling. "Bucket will be home soon," Humphrey said.