Thursday, 27 June 2013

Chilling with the puppy

                                                         Chilling with Alfie

Ooooo we have visitors, this is me with Mandy my new friend 

Today I helped hem some sheets for a Moses basket, it sure got tiring as they were pretty big and im so small..

Last night I had a date with a pretty lady, she was lovely

I found another new friend today his name is chuckles the chimp

I also met Olana she is from Hawaii she gave me a flower necklace called a Lei

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I promise not to dig up any plants
Ooooo time to paddle
Cor mum they have bear sized lamp posts here

The 1st yellow rose to come out on Debbies rose bush it sure smells mmmm and is very pretty

Mmmmmmm finally I get coffee it's a yummy cappuccino

Hey mum we've come to town to buy some postcards to send home.. This is a picture of Leicesters clock tower, I took the pic as too busy to leave me alone to have pic took next to it 

The fountain in town hall square I'd have loved a paddle

This is Leicestershire war memorial at the town hall.. God bless the heroes

This is what we went to town on lol

Blimey mum they watch tv everywhere in England

Monday, 24 June 2013

i wanted to bring these poor bears home but the nasty museum man wouldnt let me as they are soooo old

 i just had to sit on Daniel Lamberts chair (even tho it says not too) it was soooooo big
Today we went to the Newarke museum and i learnt all about Leicesters favourite son Daniel Lambert, here is a pic of me with his clothes , Mum do you think you could make me a bear friend to fit in these

we checked out the army trenches, thankfully they were only a display it was really dark in there im so glad i wasnt in the army during the war

Wimbledon tennis tournament starts today here I am with a front row seat waiting for it to start with my other Australian buddies who love tennis too 
Anyone for tennis.. Bucket got the best view in the house 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Awww mum it's raining again... Good job we got back in time have been out with Debbie today ..

 Time for yummy crumpets a cuppa tea and then to relax
Morning mum. Mark let me watch some Doctor Who this morning hes sooo nice

 Mmmm yummy crisps, Debbie said we can have some later when we get home from a special trip out, she wont tell me where we are going tho said its a surprise
Ive got a new friend mum, can I keep him pretty please with a cherry on top

Friday, 21 June 2013

Morning Mum, today we have been really busy making a teeny bear, im only small but can you see how small this leg is, I got the job of stuffing it as my paws are small

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mum Mum mum I've been jamming with Elmo it was such good fun

Another day in Sunny England

 Look at me mum I've been climbing in the garden

 Crawling across the deck ropes sure was scary

 Oh dear I nearly fell good job Debbie caught me, I won't do that again promise
Morning mum and dad.. Just wanted to see your smiling faces and give you a hug 

 Awww look I've found a new beary friend her name is Rose and she is soooo teeny tiny I can cuddle he
Im being very helpful and helping Debbie make 4 New bears, she gave me the job of counting out and putting together some tiny joints for them.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bucket was sooooo tired after a morning of cooking he snuck into Alfie and Boes bed and promptly fell fast asleep bless him
 Morning mum, today is cooking day with Debbie and so I don't get all dirty she made me an apron and head scarf so no bear hairs get in the yummy dinner... she even let me pick the color so I chose a bright orange as its very cheerful

 Mmmmmm look mum and Dad flapjack is all cooked I cant wait to try some
 Mmmmmmm yummy golden syrup, I wouldve eaten it all up but debbie said she needs it to make flapjacks with..

Look mum im going to help peel veggies

 I dont like onions they made me cry but I was oki once debbie finished doing it.. dinner is now cooking and smelling yummy

Carrots all done, phew was hard work as they were soooo big

I got the very important job of measuring the ingrediants for bread, if they were not right bread wouldnt turn out, Debbie says as im a big bear now she trusted me to do it
I also got to turn on the bread maker it sure made a noise when it started ..

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Well here I am safe and sound in England, I caught up with my sister Alyce Ann.

  Alyce Ann was not too happy that I had the big piece of cookie, but I had a long journey so I was very very hungry indeed.
Feeling a bit jet lagged so I am off for a good sleep to catch up on my dreams
 Today my friend Sarah came to the shop to see me, she had done some amazing pictures of me, I felt like a star.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

busy weekend

Had an awesome weekend, I got to know my new friend Kaydee better and shared my quilt making skills with her.

I also went to the Armadale History muesum

Then I had a wonderful time at the bear making class at the shop, this is one of the bears being made, I told him to pull himself together.

 Then on Friday we had a lovely dinner at Lapa, its a Brazillian BBQ and there was so much meat it was not funny.

When we got home the cats had been missing us so they comforted each other.
To round off the weekend I went to the new Rolystone Markets, it was amazing all the lovely hand made things, people are so clever.  Here I am checking out the goodies with Catherine.