Wednesday, 19 June 2013

 Morning mum, today is cooking day with Debbie and so I don't get all dirty she made me an apron and head scarf so no bear hairs get in the yummy dinner... she even let me pick the color so I chose a bright orange as its very cheerful

 Mmmmmm look mum and Dad flapjack is all cooked I cant wait to try some
 Mmmmmmm yummy golden syrup, I wouldve eaten it all up but debbie said she needs it to make flapjacks with..

Look mum im going to help peel veggies

 I dont like onions they made me cry but I was oki once debbie finished doing it.. dinner is now cooking and smelling yummy

Carrots all done, phew was hard work as they were soooo big

I got the very important job of measuring the ingrediants for bread, if they were not right bread wouldnt turn out, Debbie says as im a big bear now she trusted me to do it
I also got to turn on the bread maker it sure made a noise when it started ..

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