Monday, 24 June 2013

i wanted to bring these poor bears home but the nasty museum man wouldnt let me as they are soooo old

 i just had to sit on Daniel Lamberts chair (even tho it says not too) it was soooooo big
Today we went to the Newarke museum and i learnt all about Leicesters favourite son Daniel Lambert, here is a pic of me with his clothes , Mum do you think you could make me a bear friend to fit in these

we checked out the army trenches, thankfully they were only a display it was really dark in there im so glad i wasnt in the army during the war

Wimbledon tennis tournament starts today here I am with a front row seat waiting for it to start with my other Australian buddies who love tennis too 
Anyone for tennis.. Bucket got the best view in the house 

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