Thursday, 28 February 2013

"Sunday morning I felt like I was on a cloud, only to realize that I was attending a Bright Star Teddy Bear Show! Getting up at 5 a.m., I really wanted to remain snuggled up in the soft clouds of the display!"

"I took a look around the showroom and discovered so many new friends! What fun I was going to have!"

 "I sat in the corner after that and read The History of Bears&Buds book. Talk about an amazing adventure they have had over the 8 years!"
 "Monday morning we had yogurt, latte and a bagel before flying off to Louisville, Kentucky. I really wanted cream cheese on the bagel but Valerie said there was enough cream in the yogurt! She's so health conscience!"

We boarded the plane and I was feeling a little anxious. How high in the sky would we be? The pilot reassured me that I would be safe!"

 "What? I have to get in my seat and buckle up? It is more fun chatting with passengers from this vantage point!"

 "Oh look at all those funny shaped vehicles. What are they? Luggage conveyors, fuel trucks, repair trucks... WHAT? repair trucks? Valerie said, they were supply trucks! Whew, what a relief!"

"I think I will recline after looking out the window and seeing the jet engine, the airplane's wing and all those little houses and cars. Oh look, the ocean! Too late, after my nap I'll wake up in Louisville, Kentucky and continue on my adventure!"

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

"Valerie said that the Mojito's were good. She only let me have a sip!

 "I took a look around the showroom and discovered so many new friends! What fun I was going to have!"

 The girls loved me....and some even wanted to run away. They said I had a funny foreign accent! I love girls in pink!" 

"Valerie said I had to work! Time to run the credit cards! Oh, I hope everyone checks their bills as I love putting lots of zeros behind the numbers!"

 "Time out! Valerie said I had to settle down so she put me in the tape roll to cool off!"

"The Crown Plaza Westshore hotel was filled with new places to discover. Since I was in Florida, I wanted to find starfish. Valerie said the glass decorations would have to do as we were not going to the beach!"

"Art Rogers was teaching a workshop and I wanted to learn all about making a bear, but they were making turtles! He was so patient with me and showing me all the workshop tools

 "Art scolded me for playing with the scissors!"

Bucket arrives in Tampa Florida on February 22, 2013 and the weather is warm and sunny.

 "Wow, is this bed ever nice and the swan towels are fun to cuddle up in!"

 "In the evening we played Words With Friends. I can't spell much with VFOTUIT but I'm trying!"

"I enjoyed a little sun bathing before jumping in the pool."

 "Aw, Valerie grabbed me before I could jump in the warm water. She said I did not have my bathing suit!"

"I decided to ride in her hat. Great view from up here! Oh look at the gals in the bikinis!"

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Well I had a lovely time at Disneyland with Jessica, we tried to take a photo in the photo booth, check out Jess and her mickey mouse hands.
and Jess was great company, we had lots of fun. I met all kinds of people on this adventure.
Even a very friendly monster, I gave a huge hug to.

But it was time to move on to the next part of my wonderful journey in USA, so reluctantly I said goodbye to Jessica and her wonderful family.   I will miss them very much.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Well it was a big day today, so Jess and I had to have a sleep, we were both so tuckered out.

Well I have arrived safely in the amazing USA,  my family here is wonderful.  I have been talking to them on Skype but its not the same as meeting them in person.

They got me all cleaned up and ready for Disneyland

Here I am with Jess, we are in Morocco at Disneyland, its wonderful here and I got to ride on a Camel, well not a real one, but one that was good for me
I also got to travel down to Disneyland with Morgan
I have already met some lovely new people

Here I am in Germany Disneyland.
I also caught up with some Beary friends
I think I may haven fallen in love too
Do you think this hat suits me, I wanted to bring it home to Australia

I loved the Epcot center so much, and I stole a kiss.

Bucket the traveling bear

Hello my name is Bucket, I am a Cooper Bear and I like to travel around the world visiting friends.       So here it is the beginning of all my adventures, as you may already know they all really started when The Coopers took me to Phukett on their holiday.  I was so excited to be going to Thailand I just could not wait to pack my bag.                                        

First of all we headed to Singapore, it was a wonderful place and Brian showed me the wonderful harbor

We then had a long wait in Singapore airport, so we decided a big coffee was in order
it certainly helped me stay awake for a long time.
After a long time we finally made it to Phukett and we went for a walk, we had not gotten very far when I met the cutest little puppy.  
That night we had dinner in the restaurant in the hotel, we asked for a little bit of bread and they bought us such a big plate I really struggled to eat it,  but Brian was really helpful on that score.

The next day we went bowling, I tried really hard but the balls were a little to big for me and I fell in the holes.
So we went to get another coffee,  I think maybe it was a bit too much coffee for such a little bear, because I got a little bit hyper and climbed the Christmas tree in the hotel foyer
The hotel also had a huge ginger bread house and I may of gotten a tiny bit excited about it and had a nibble on that but I don't think anyone saw that.

The next night we went to Bangla road it was a very exciting place with exotic animals I got to hug a lemur
On the same road I met a big lizard, he was not so cuddly though
 I also met a very nice lady boy who really liked to take photos with me

We also went to a wonderful place called fantasea, it was so great I met the elephants 
After a lot of fun, I needed to have a relaxing day by the pool.

After a really amazing holiday we headed home to Australia,  I went back to work at Cottonwool Creations, we scrubbed and cleaned for three days I was so totally shattered I needed to have a sleep

After things returned to normal at the shop and I carried on working, we got a lovely visit from Tara and her wonderful greyhounds Tiger and China.  They really are my favorite dogs.

They are just so sweet and gentle.  Well  then it was time to get ready for Australia Day, its a big celebration here in Australia. I had a lot of fun.

I was home in time to have a lovely Australia Day Pizza night at home with the Coopers and some lovely friends.  I also got one of my favorite cakes from Panda cakes mmmmm Yum.

 Well After Australia Day, I got a message to say that Kerry from Prima Sailing Adventures would like me to come for a holiday with her and her family and go for a ride on her wonderful boat.
Well I packed my bag again and said bye bye to the Coopers and went on my way.
When I arrived I was very tired and after a long day, Olivia and I fell fast asleep.
I helped with the grocery shopping for the boat trip, glad I remembered the Tim Tams.
So excited to be going on this boat I can't begin to tell you.  The night before we went out for dinner and I tried some new dish

After a big meal, Cooper and I had a bit of  a nap.

The next day we had a look at the national Park
Can you see me on the sign, I thought maybe people would miss that I was there.

Then I had a lot of fun climbing a tree and explaining about Drop Bears to everyone. They are a real thing you should Google it.
 I think I was helpful most of the time,  I did always check the water level before I let anyone swim.

Then it was time to go on our wonderful sailing adventure, I was so excited, I checked the equipment for Kerry and the crew.

Then we set sail, I was very well behaved most of the time, and did the dishes sometimes.

We visited places like 
 and had a great time with the lovely people at Magnums

One day the crew decided to let me be captain, and I drove the boat.
 I did manage to get some snorkeling done too.

I had such a lovely time with the crew, Tam, Kerry and her wonderful family Olivia even did a wonderful drawing of me, I sent a postcard home to my family in Perth and then Tam and I went to the airport.
 I got home safe and sound, my family was so happy to have me back. Particularly Westley

  I think the cats were happy too, its hard to tell with cats.  The paws brothers were still there to greet me

 It was so nice to be home. I went back to work at the shop and worked hard there for a while.
I even went to the movies with Brian and Kay to see Les Miserables, it was a very long movie, but I had some popcorn, well actually Brian had popcorn, but he did share it with me.

 Then a wonderful friend in America called Michelle Nunnery asked if I could go for a holiday with her.  Michelle lives in Panama City Florida in USA.

I though wow that's a long long way to go.   However I decided it would be awesome and Michelle promised to take me to Disney land.  
Brian got me a passport.

I got myself some travel luggage too
I was a little bit concerned about the length of the journey,  I was not sure how long it would take to get there.  So I went to my friends the Woodlings from the Whispering Forrest and asked them how long they thought it would take.

They told me it was a really long way to go and a very big adventure.  I started to get a bit concerned about the trip, so I decided to read a book that would help me gain a bit of extra courage.