Saturday, 16 February 2013

Well I have arrived safely in the amazing USA,  my family here is wonderful.  I have been talking to them on Skype but its not the same as meeting them in person.

They got me all cleaned up and ready for Disneyland

Here I am with Jess, we are in Morocco at Disneyland, its wonderful here and I got to ride on a Camel, well not a real one, but one that was good for me
I also got to travel down to Disneyland with Morgan
I have already met some lovely new people

Here I am in Germany Disneyland.
I also caught up with some Beary friends
I think I may haven fallen in love too
Do you think this hat suits me, I wanted to bring it home to Australia

I loved the Epcot center so much, and I stole a kiss.

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