Thursday, 28 February 2013

"Sunday morning I felt like I was on a cloud, only to realize that I was attending a Bright Star Teddy Bear Show! Getting up at 5 a.m., I really wanted to remain snuggled up in the soft clouds of the display!"

"I took a look around the showroom and discovered so many new friends! What fun I was going to have!"

 "I sat in the corner after that and read The History of Bears&Buds book. Talk about an amazing adventure they have had over the 8 years!"
 "Monday morning we had yogurt, latte and a bagel before flying off to Louisville, Kentucky. I really wanted cream cheese on the bagel but Valerie said there was enough cream in the yogurt! She's so health conscience!"

We boarded the plane and I was feeling a little anxious. How high in the sky would we be? The pilot reassured me that I would be safe!"

 "What? I have to get in my seat and buckle up? It is more fun chatting with passengers from this vantage point!"

 "Oh look at all those funny shaped vehicles. What are they? Luggage conveyors, fuel trucks, repair trucks... WHAT? repair trucks? Valerie said, they were supply trucks! Whew, what a relief!"

"I think I will recline after looking out the window and seeing the jet engine, the airplane's wing and all those little houses and cars. Oh look, the ocean! Too late, after my nap I'll wake up in Louisville, Kentucky and continue on my adventure!"

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