Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Zipping along the highway 
The expressway was fast and the mountains started to be visible 

We are here! The Big Tourist Town of the Smoky Mountains!

How fast are we going through the woods? I'm getting dizzy!
The winding roads of the mountains and the shade of the trees, cooled the car and we enjoyed watching for wildlife.

Look, it really is the smoky mountains 

Surveying the mountains from atop another
The beautiful Smokey Mountains - the clouds settle down in the valleys and it makes the mountains look very smoky

The sign is right - so many things to discover here in the Great Smoky Mountains

Rock climbing is fun when you reach to top!
I'll sit on the moss. OH I hope that is not poison ivy behind me! (PS. not to worry Bucket, it is not)

To the creek
Babbling creeks always let us relax and take in the sounds and rest awhile 

I am at peace here; although I would have preferred a softer bench!

I should have brought my fishing pole, I think I spotted a fish!

they won't find me sitting here, taking a break from the warm summer day

They just would not let me sit very long and rest! Too many adventures!
Now I love the view from the shade!

I did not see any Cherokee Indians, but found a picture of a mother and child

I'll perch here for a minute before going on a trail. I'm not hiking all the way to Maine!

Wait for me Kinsey!

I'm tired of hiking! A little nap in the tall cool grass, perhaps?

Aw Shucks - they wouldn't let me try this corn cob pipe and said 'bacc
I'll sit and wait for the fairies to come and play with me. By the looks of things here, I believe they are close by

Driving the expressway has its advantages, but I think I'll ride the turtle and see the sights. His speed is just my style

Wait - Kiss a frog to find my Princess? I am not so sure about this!

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