Friday, 5 July 2013

Busy Day

 Clambering about in the garden 

I found something very familiar to me a eucalyptus tree, I was explaining to Spade that we have these back home and Koalas live in them 

 I decided to be brave and climb a bit higher

We decided to go exploring in the garden, Spade said that Kerry's garden was like a huge jungle to him because he was so small

 I helped Kerry water her vegetables while spade supervised.

as it was nice and sunny we helped Kerry hang out the washing, by handing her pegs

 and passing her the clothes 

I notices that Kerry's washing line was a spinney one so had a great idea  I asked Kerry if she could spin us around .
 After a few spins Spade was feeling a little bit sick and dizzy so we decided to stop

We were trying to convince Willow to take us for a ride, but she was quite comfy and having none of it

We were both shattered after our exploring, so we found somewhere comfy to lay down for a rest

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