Friday, 3 May 2013

Buckets Bali Adventure

Got a coffee before my flight to Bali 

I made lots of new friends while I was in Bali people where so nice.

This orangutan was so cuddley she poked my belly.

Look at how brave we were, the lion sleeps tonight.

I saw some amazing sculptures and art work in Bali

This bird tried to keep me but mum said no I had to go home with her.

I tried to sneak some of Dads pizza

But he caught me and said "No Bucket that's my pizza"  I guess Brian does not share food.

Tanah Lot Temple was so interesting, the Temple has a spring of fresh water bubbling up in the middle of it.

 My mum touched the Holy snakes, she was very brave.

 If you look really hard you can see the hippo in the water behind me.

I found a starbucks one day so had a little coffee to keep going.

This statue was at a game arcade he was really big.

Silly Brian did a photo bomb on me. He just learned that trick

I was very sad on the last day to be leaving

So mum and dad bought me some mini donuts to cheer me up.

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