Monday, 30 June 2014


Yes, I took time to walk around and see the beautiful roses. The air was fragrant with good smells - flowers or chocolate? — at Hershey Rose Gardens.

Beautiful pond with the Hershey Castle/hotel in the distance.

On this hot day I really wanted to jump in the lake and play under the fountain....but they would not let me!
The Butterflies were really hungry 

The Butterflies flitted here and there gathering pollen

A very tranquil place

Oh No! I think they are coming for me!

Let's talk! —

Now those must be zebra butterflies!

We just took a peek.

Kinsey sat on the biggest butterfly I've ever seen!

Rose bushes were nearly 7' tall.

Pretty contrast of colors

Lovely, the rose looks like it had painted petals.

Is it pink or is it red?

I wanted to pick some roses for Valerie, but she told me, just 'pick them with your eyes'.

We took lots of time to smell the roses! I did not sneeze at all.

Mr Hershey had a beautiful wife and he was quite handsome too 

His passport does not look like mine

I am happy he was an inovator!

It began in 1908....and sure has changed

The timeline showed me the progress of the Hershey Company

A chocolate TUB - I could just dive in, oh darn, it is not full. This is how they moved the milk chocolate from one area of the factory to the other.

Mum, I want one of these machines!

Chocolate bunny molds
Cocoa tins and the old grocery store. 

Ah, two of my favorites; flowers and kisses

Mrs Hershey served cocoa in fine china

And she loved fancy crystal in her castle

Kinsey was not sure about this type of telephone — with Kinsey Emerson at The Hershey Story, The Museum on Chocolate Avenue.

Hello, Mum? Hello!
Oh horrors....I thought a scale in the chocolate museum was for weighing the chocolate; not me! 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hershey world

Bucket and Kinsey can't wait to go in... the smell of chocolate is in the air! — with Kinsey Emerson atHershey's Chocolate World.

Kiss, Hershey and Reese, welcome us all
 — atHershey's Chocolate World.

You can see how big they are!
 — at Hershey's Chocolate World.

In the beginning Hershey's candy was made in a small factory - by hand
 — at Hershey's Chocolate World.

Lining up to see the 4-D Candy adventure. We experienced the movie with bubbles, things running under our legs, streamers and rain!
 — at Hershey's Chocolate World.

Want a BIG Kiss?
 — with Kinsey Emerson atHershey's Chocolate World.

Hershey was very pleased to hold Bucket! — atHershey's Chocolate World.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Hershey Adventures

I'll ride in style- Cadillac Style - but think I'll be more comfortable inside with the air conditioner on! It's quite hot!

Two things to remember when traveling. Keys and the Map!
Valerie and Kinsey are joining me.
Their reaction to me joining them! Maybe they will ride in the car instead of the trunk (boot

I'll sit on this cushion with a guardian angel watching over me!

Mid morning snack!

Nothing better than hot fries for we ever get out of the car and sit for a proper meal? Guess not; gotta keep rolling!

I pray as Kinsey is learning to drive!

Finally getting out of the car for a lovely meal; Italian!!!

We've arrived at our first destination, I'll rest on the chair.

On second thought, I'll guard the donuts all night; and if some are missing.....well, don't blame me!

Milton Hershey's home now is a huge hotel.
Lovely flowers all around and a fountain too. I wanted to jump in to cool off; but they would not let me!

Kinsey and Bucket relaxing in the hotel, feeling very much like royalty. 

From atop the hill, Hershey PA in my view!

Roller Coasters are awesome but I'm looking for the chocolate factory!

I made a wrong turn, and look what I discovered - a Casino. I forgot to bring my money and I do think I'm too young to go in! So I looked at all the flowers!