Friday, 13 June 2014

Before I headed to the St. Louis Zoo, in Missouri USA, I stopped in for a tasty treat

Wow, this is a big place. Where do I start

Perhaps I can keep my feet from aching by riding this wild 'thang'! 

The St Louis zoo has very rare animals. I have my eyes wide open!

Now what is this? The poor guy couldn't make up his mind to choose a color! Very unusual, I say!

Now if I just take a DikDik I'd get to the bear exhibit faster!

My friends, Qiufang and Valerie said I did not look as big when standing next the the elephant! Ha! Neither did they!

This part of the zoo is a little scary. Frogs, lizards, snakes, bugs and crickets!

I recognize these guys - but they did not want to stand up and greet me! 

I say old Roo, I'm an Aussie too, can't you stand and greet me? Well so it shall be. The heat has made them seek shade under the tree!

I could use a nap too....but not on a rock ledge

Yippes! I can't believe I'm sitting on a lions mane! The guide was very friendly and the mane was soft.....nice place for a nap..... until others wanted to feel the hair!

Marlin Perkins was the zoo's first curator and designer; he even had many TV programs that brought unusual animals to the attention of children. 

The monkeys seemed to have human faces. They did romp around in their habitat and that was fun to watch!

Cooling off with the penguins. The heat kept them inside where it was cool.

Where's his saddle?

The tortoises moved quickly - lettuce was calling to them.... is it lunch time yet?

I love black and white horses! Oh you say 'zebras!' Got it! 

 spotted this cute little creature....not sure what it was; she was watching the animals with a lot of interest

Ah, enjoying an ice cream....hope it doesn't melt before I get a lick!

I'm galloping off to my next adventure.....on my Zebra! Giddy up! 

After a big day at the zoo, I enjoyed a little Saki, Beer and lots of sushi....hum, I wonder, did the fish come from the zoo's aquarium?

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