Friday, 31 January 2014

Here I am in Hong Kong and guess what my friend tells me it is the year of the horse.

MMMMM I loved the food here

I hope this guy isn't hungry, at the Hong Kong Museum

Meeting lots of new friends

The is where lovely Miss Valerie stayed when she was in Hong Kong

the hotel where we had dinner with Ms. Valerie. — atKing Ludwig Beerhall Tsim Sha Tsu

Right side is Peninsula Center where Gloria's shop in the 1st floor, next to Peninsula Center is Regal Kowloon Hotel .

Friday, 10 January 2014

I got a camera

I got a lovely gift from my friend Judy, its a camera and I am going to take lots of photos

The first one is a thing everyone tells me I have to do called a selfie

I did a second one to be sure it was right.

Miss Valerie from Kentucky was so kind to me while I visited, and today she sent me a 
lovely bed.

I quickly ran and got the quilt I made with Miss Davina and tried it on my new bed

It fitted just fine and I was so proud of the work we had done on it.
Then I had to sit on my bed with Puppet for a little while and explain that I was heading off on another
adventure, I explained that he could not come, however he was staying with my Mum and Dad.
He was fine with that as he knew he would have a great time, even though he would miss me.

I finally got to bed and pulled up the covers.

Goodnight everyone 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Bucket's next adventure

I have been invited to Hong Kong to stay with Gloria, I am really excited as I get to spend Chinese New Year with my new friend.