Friday, 10 January 2014

I got a camera

I got a lovely gift from my friend Judy, its a camera and I am going to take lots of photos

The first one is a thing everyone tells me I have to do called a selfie

I did a second one to be sure it was right.

Miss Valerie from Kentucky was so kind to me while I visited, and today she sent me a 
lovely bed.

I quickly ran and got the quilt I made with Miss Davina and tried it on my new bed

It fitted just fine and I was so proud of the work we had done on it.
Then I had to sit on my bed with Puppet for a little while and explain that I was heading off on another
adventure, I explained that he could not come, however he was staying with my Mum and Dad.
He was fine with that as he knew he would have a great time, even though he would miss me.

I finally got to bed and pulled up the covers.

Goodnight everyone 

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