Friday, 4 July 2014

Zoo time

 can't believe I am really here! The Columbus Ohio Zoo and maybe I will get to meet Jack Hanna. — at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

I'll just jump on this train and see what I can discover.

First I spot a pretty girl, I got so excited I nearly fell off the train but Valerie caught me! Whew!

I'll hop on this pig and see where he'll lead me.

Or maybe ride a camel to find Jack

The bats were very hungry as they ate their red berries and apples

I do not think I want to hang around here as after dinner.....well you know..... bathroom time and I'm down low. I do not want any prezzy's in my fur..... "Run Bucket, Run" I say!

A familiar cub - and I'll just chat with is old boy while resting my feet

The Flamingos were colorful, but they did not take me to see Jack. 

The Flamingo herd was busy keeping cool in the shade

Where? What? The flamingo said I'd have to find the African Serengeti and that's were Jack's camp is.

Maybe Jacks camp is near the old cowboy town...but it really looks like a ghost town to me! "Run Bucket, Run" I say! 

I found it! Jack's camp as it looks when he is on safari - with his camera crew.

I'm nearly as tall as you Mr Giraffe!

This is fabulous! I can envision myself on the Serengeti plains of Africa; lovely design Jack!

Many animals co-mingle just like they would in the wild.

NO! NO! NO! Mr Lion, I am not your dinner!

 hope they soon feed the lions as they are roaring! "Run Bucket, Run" I say! 

I hope we see polar bears!

All the bears seemed to be taking naps in the shade! I guess taking a picture of bears is like seeing them in their habitats.....not!

I'm learning that there are so many different types of penguins; I never knew that!

This is a colorful and handsome old mate!
When the temperatures are hot outside, we all wish we could take a swim in the penguins temperature 'cold' pool.

Oh come on, let me take a swim! 

They grow mushrooms BIG here! And Valerie let me think that for awhile. Only to learn that these colorful mushrooms are part of playland.

No so sure I like this part of the zoo!

What do I hear rattling? A rattlesnake?

Too close for comfort! "Run Bucket, Run" I say!

Home... I can't wait to get to Australia! 

I say Matey - time to get up and greet this old chap...we are both from Australia... Wake up!

Australia's section of the Columbus Zoo, must have some more of my favorites; where are the Koalas?

What? This is not time for a sleep. I'm here! Wake up!

Best I can see; carved Koala's

Now this is more like it. Let's have a good old chat Mates!

The exhibits were good and I saw a lot of animals I have never seen before!

I wanted to 'monkey' around with this big guy, but he was more interested in his lunch —

What? You are giving me the cold shoulder? 

The most beautiful red panda I have ever seen! He was a bit shy and hid behind the trees.

I think I'm in another dimension. Dinasaures?

Kinsey look out! One is nibbling on your hair!

They are everywhere - "Run Bucket, Run" I say!

Time to veg out with a soft old friend. My feet hurt

I'll end the lovely day with a yummy ice cream. Mint chocolate chip; all right!

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